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Beware :Etisalat warns customers of phone call scam

Etisalat has issued a warning to its customers of a scam that involves fraudsters posing as its employees who tell customers they have won cash prizes, it was announced on Sunday.The Abu Dhabi-based telecommunications company has said the scam asks people for their personal information so they can claim the prize, which is then used to rip them off.
The company has confirmed it is not running any prize schemes at present.
And is urging customers not to give out any confidential information such as bank account details, PINs, eVouchers or recharge card numbers to unknown callers who contact them via phone, SMS or email.  
In a statement it says the origin of the scam is Pakistan and is not limited to UAE but is an international phenomenon.
"No such raffle or lucky draw campaign is currently being run by Etisalat. Etisalat promotions are well advertised in the media and the winners are informed through a standardised process." it said.
"In case of any confusion, customers should call 101 and verify the calls or SMS they have received," the statement added.
Earlier last week, Mobily also issued an alert for its customers to beware of similar prank calls.

People (customers) who already got these kind of callls

we can check from their words: 

Posted by: HMM
Hi guys, I also received from Etisalat (+502940671), saying calling from etisalat & I have won a lottery of 200, 000 dhs, he told me to check one no. on my sim card & call back. I kno, w it must be hoax call, bt still i want to know what they want , so i call up, he then told me that i won & given me bank name & their manager name to collect above amount, he also given me bank coupen number, then he told me that i have to recharge 1500 dhs card that i will get it reimbursed from same bank. He said when i will re charge , I will get 3 SMS in which again bank name & add, bank coupen no & bank pin number will show which i have to handover same to bank manager. But I have denied to re charge & started asking questions. He must have scared & disconnected call telling me to recharge & call back.

I tried calling him & bt his number is switch off now.

Please guys beware of this calls & don't listen to them..

Posted by: Kavitha

I too received a call from 971529867515 yesterday at 4 pm saying they are calling from Du . I called Du and verified about this and found it was scam. so all BEWARE. They sound very very genuine and might cheat u.

Posted by: Muhammad
I just got a call from 056 1985413. The original call got missed, so I called them back on the same number.
I was told that I have won AED 500,000 and I needed to check number on the back of my SIM (89971122) and call them back if it was the same.
I never called them back but I strongly feel that the authorities can definitely take an action against them.
The call I received is from a local Etisalat number and not from Pakistan, I would therefore also request the authorities to give sensible statements on this and act responsibly by taking an appropriate action rather than giving baseless statements such as 'origin of the scam is Pakistan' and so on.

Posted by: Layan
I have reaceived a call from +971556939455 saying that I won AED 200,000 from the Ramadan Draw they are having. They are claiming that they are from DU. I cut the call & called & reported this to DU customer care about this & they are investigation on this matter.

Posted by: Hussain
I just received a call from mobile number 056 1546791 (12:06 on 13th Aug,12) saying that my mobile number has won a cash prize...!!! 

Hi, people! I just got done talking to a lady on the phone, claiming she is doing a survey for UAE demographics. I don't know if it's a scam or what kind of scam, but she was asking weird questions. Where do I live, kids, cars, soft drinks, skin products, watch tv, listen to the radio, how much money do I make blabla. I would never give out information over the phone to anyone, so be careful.
Please be aware of another number +971505608104.
Beware I have reciebved a Call from 0504386451 that I have won a lottery for AED.200,000.

The person Informed that he is calling from Etisalat. I said I would call back and cut the Line.

I have informed Etisalat about this.
Business Man
I think this is a result of Etisalat selling your phone number lists to all and sundry
I also got similar call and they were totally fraud asking me to purchase ETISALAT cards worth 2500 Dhs. I disconnected the call. Beware.
just now I received a call from mobile number 0502556491 and telling me that I won AED 50000 ;(:(:(
Beware for this scam, good thing I know someone from Etisalat. 
Baljit K
I just got a ditto call as Sumedha with the exact same details. Ramadhan promotion, 500K etc and the same lucky number was quoted to me. I have obviously not switched off my phone to verify the number nor called back.
I got the call from 056-1982795.
And the odd thing is that i'm using a new sim, i only got it last week. very few people have this number, not even all my family members have it, then how did these fraudsters get it?
Sumedha Sahni
I received the same kind of call from a non-Etisalat mobile # - +971 56 2028483.

The man asked for my nationality and then later, my religion.

He said that he was calling from Etisalat and that they have a special Ramadan offer - lucky number on reverse of SIM card - 89971122.

Prize money AED 500,000/-

He said - check and see; if I am telling the truth, call me back.
I never did call him back!
I just got the same call saying, i won AED 500000, which i knew it is a impossible amount to win without any purchase, not just purchaseing a SIM card.. so i called and checked with few friends and confirmed that THIS IS A SCAM.. BEWARE..pls inform all your friends and neighbours, as much you can. They are targeting new SIM USERS.. they trick us with a standard number written on the SIM, thats is 89971122.. i checked with many Etisalat users, its the very same....
Ester Datu
I just got a call this morning, same as yours, they are using 89971122 as lucky number written at the back of the sim card. Thanks there's an internet and I checked this scam... 
Claire Leggett
Ive had the same call too, very convincing until they demand that you have to pay to recieve the money and when I objected the man got extremely iritated. Where do I report it to?
I have received the same call today from 050 6869520 and reported it to Etisalat on 101. Be aware and don't give out any of your personal information to anyone on the phone in general.
I also got similar call from +971501922056

Benjamin Whatt
Someone just tried to scam me as well. A total of 3 different persons spoke to me. Thankfully i was online and i checked the site, so i mentioned to @Etisalat UAE on Twitter. And following their advise i sent them the mobile number that called me. Made a report to the Etisalat Fraud Department as well. The guy then cursed at me. Even to a point saying that he will blacklist me from the UAE. I just laughed it off and hanged up.

I just got a call from this number +971507896582 stating that I won 500000AED and that i should check the back of my sim card for some numbers and call back so they can give me a pin to claim my prize. As soon i said i will check this with etisalat, he immediately cut the call.

Dubai police / etisalat needs to take some action on such calls

Posted by: M.S Ali
Hello Guys....I'm also received a cal from Etisalat (+562994587), saying calling from etisalat & I'm the winner of etisalat lucky draw 500000 dhs, he told me to check one no. on my sim card & call back I checd tht same no which he given me is in my simcards bckside (89971122) I know it must be a fraud call.
then he askd me abt my fullname,emirates id no,my salary,my designation and place then he told me listen me carefully ur all converstion is recording its ve imp for us.. after he told u will recv 2 sms,and i rcvd it,it says collect ur money frm any of alansari exchange branch and ur expin no:632-862-9621)and finally he told me to before tht u need to buy a etisalat e-voucher frm any supermarket or carrefour aed 3325 and give tht coupon no to me & i'll send u sms abt money collecting ref no frm exchange..."tehn told me dnt disconct call go to supermarket and buy the voucher and give me the no..
i undrstd its 100% fraud...i ddint purchase coupon n i disconct the call! 
So i'm kindly reqstng du &etisalat also police pls investigate this and find out them..!
Pls guys beware of this calls & don't listen to them...."



Sathish said…
I also got same kind of call. When they asked me to buy evoucher for 2500 Dhs to get the prize money of 500000 Dhs I got a feeling this should be fake. So, I searched google and found this page. Call came from number 507988486.

They are even able to tell my sim number. So definitely somebody working in etisalat ( could be old staff) is involved in this scam.

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